First Name :   Carlo
URL :   
Comment :   Many thsnks for the beautiful pics!!
How did you find us? :   Searching with google
First Name :   gerald haislet
URL :   myspace
Comment :   greatwebsite. good photos. hope to see more in 2009....hell ya.
How did you find us? :   i found this website through a myspace group.
First Name :   Greg
Comment :   Great pictures. It was interesting to check my Navy log book to find that on 7 Nov, 1968 I flew the T34 posted on your website as wallpaper. B/N 140731
How did you find us? :   I was sent your URL from a friend because of my aviation background as a Naval Aviator.
First Name :   Tony
Comment :   Great site
How did you find us? :   Aircraft of WWII website
First Name :   Gordon
URL :   
Comment :   Asolutely awesome. You may just be the #1 aerial photographer in the world. I have never seen such clarity and substance in photos and descriptions. Continue this superb type of photography so that later generations may learn form your work. Thank You.
How did you find us? :   A friend sent me a link to your site.
First Name :   Julius
URL :   
Comment :   I graduated in class 58-A, usaf, Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX
How did you find us? :   From a friends forwarded email
First Name :   donald vangilder
URL :   
Comment :   
How did you find us? :   just searthing the web
First Name :   Jim
URL :   
Comment :   Beautiful photos ! I currently have your shot of Rob Harrison in knife-edge flight as my wallpaper. What a great shot ! Rob is easily recognizable in the cockpit
How did you find us? :   Rob Harrisons web site
First Name :   Jim
Comment :   I am the Secretary, 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association. I liked browsing through the photos.
How did you find us? :   An Association member forwarded me the link.
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